Transition Team/Call Committee Update

Transition/Call Committee Updates:

We have had a busy month!  We want to thank everyone from the congregation who joined us for dinner with Bishop Svennungsen on May 16th.  She led a wonderful conversation about our previous pastors and what we are hoping for in our new pastor.  The Call Committee met with Pastor Hulden from the Synod on May 21st, and he presented us with 3 potential candidates for our pastor position.  All 3 have very strong resumes, and we are excited to have them come and interview with us.  We continue to be open to additional candidates, including nominations from the congregation.  If you know a pastor who you feel would be a good fit for St. John, please forward the name to a member of the Call Committee or to the church office.  We are hopeful that we will complete first and second interviews with our candidates in June and July, and that we will have a recommendation to present to the congregation by August.  We welcome your prayers as we continue through our call process.